All-New Korean K-League Logo, Sleeve Badge & Visual Identity Revealed

The South Korean K-League revealed an an-new visual identity already in November 2020. Let us take a closer look at the new K-League 2021 logo and branding in general, which was unveiled at the 'Hana One Q K League Awards 2020'.

2021 K-League Logo

The new K-League logo retains the basic elements of the existing K-League's visual assets, such as the 'K, Shooting Star, and Taegeuk', but maximized its characteristics and reconstructed it harmoniously into one image.

In order to express the dynamic K-League identity, the frame surrounding the elements was removed, and the visual completion was enhanced by emphasizing the sense of speed and giving a stable balance by changing the thickness of the line that divides the shooting stars.

Through a specially developed system the logo can be customized in the color of each club, to be used for custom sleeve badges and other channels. This is similar to the MLS in their logo.

The new K-League logo and visual identity was developed in cooperation with Interbrand, a New York-based international marketing consultancy.

Interbrand identified trends in sports leagues through domestic and international sports leagues and industry research, identified consumer needs for K-League and sports leagues, and identified the differentiated competitiveness of K-League through internal interviews. In this process, not only league officials, but also professional soccer club officials and creators related to the K League were also interviewed.

K League Logo History

The new brand identity will be communicated in various channels through the brand's slogan of 'Dynamics and Impressions, K League'.

The logo is receiving favorable reviews for being reminiscent of the Premier LeagueMarketing agency Interbrand says that "the new brand identity and emblem is receiving favorable reviews for being reminiscent of the Premier League through various soccer communities".

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