Boca Juniors Wants To Limit Amount of Stars Because the Club Wins Too Many Titles

Update: As william correctly pointed out there could also be other solutions to Boca's problem such as three stars above the club's crest (2007-2009), a shield without any stars on the inside or outside (1960-1970) or even a simple 'CABJ' wordmark, the club's initials. A look back at the club's history reveals that all of this already happened in the past, except for the simplified CABJ, which only got used as a certificate of authenticity on official club products up until now.

After winning Copa Diego Armando Maradona in 2020, Boca Juniors advisers have proposed that the club should limit the amount of stars visible within their shield in the future.

For context: Boca has a tradition of adding titles as stars inside of their shield instead of placing stars above the crest. Obviously, this means that the club's logo will constantly be changed. To have the same shield across the board it would be a logical decision to limit the amount of stars in the club's shield and it would also make it less confusing.

Currently, the club has 70 titles, but the problem of accomodating all stars within the club's crest is starting to get evident. Nike and Adidas settled for a version with 52 (Nike) respectively 50 (Adidas) stars to make the production of official club gear easier.

The proposal is to limit the amount of stars within the club's crest to 50 stars and indicate the exact amount of titles won with one golden star atop the club's shield that features the amount of titles as a number within.

All Boca Juniors crests - 1922-present

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