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South Korean club Daegu FC today released their new jerseys for the 2021 season. They are made for the first time by GOALSTUDIO, a new lifestyle soccer brand of popular Goal ( Their previous shirts were made by FORWARD EVERYWEAR.

GOALSTUDIO is only active in Asia yet

GOALSTUDIO is a football-inspired lifestyle brand built on an in-depth understanding of football culture from the world’s largest digital football destination, Goal (, which is published in 18 languages across 38 editions. GOALSTUDIO is only active in Asia yet - China, Japan and SOuth Korea.

GOALSTUDIO wants to "help create a healthier society by spreading a positive message within football through various forms of products".

Daegu FC Signs Three-Year Goal Studio Deal

Daegu FC signed a kit partnership with the lifestyle brand Goal Studio for three years starting from the 2021 season until 2023.

Goal Studio,GOALSTUDIO Daegu FC 2021 Home Jersey

This is the Daegu FC 2021 home shirt, made byGoal Studio.

TheGoal Studio Daegu FC 2021 home football shirt features the famous team color of Daegu FC - sky blue. The unique element of theGoal Studio Daegu FC 2021 home shirt is a graphic pattern - it visualizes the sculptural silhouette of the DGB Daegu Bank Park in the shape of a mountain that forms the basin topography in a graphic pattern.

Daegu FC 2021 Away Shirt

This is the newGoal Studio Daegu FC away shirt for 2021.

TheGoal Studio Daegu FC 2021 away shirt has a bespoke look in white, sky blue and black. The main feature is the a 'Sound Wave' graphic, which visually expresses the actual acoustic wave of'Kung Kunggol!', the symbolic cheering culture of Daegu FC supporters.

In addition, among the bronze relics excavated from the Daegu ruins, the image of the gandol sword, the symbol of the emperor, was combined to create a design that embraces the story of Daegu.

Daegu FCGoal Studio 2021 Goalkeeper Kit

This is the newGoal Studio Daegu FC goalkeeper shirt for 2021.

Two keeper jerseys were released - the home keeper shirt is navy blue with the design of the player's home jersey, while the away keeper shirt is volt with the design of the away jersey.

Tech-wise, Daegu FC's new 2021 kits are made to have no distractions. They feature a so-called FSP (Free Shoulder Panel) method, which minimizes seams.

The price is 109,000 won (80 Euro) for authentic uniforms and 79,000 won (60 Euro) for replica uniforms.

Daegu FC, which will play in the Asian Football Federation (AFC) Champions League playoffs this year, "plans to announce the 2021 season's ACL uniforms later".

Made byGoal Studio. What's your opinion on Daegu FC's home, away and goalkeeper kits? Let us know in the comments below.