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Created for Jamie Carragher: Marine 20-21 Merseyside Mashup Kit Revealed

Update: It turns out that the Marine 20-21 merseyside mashup jersey will most likely not be worn tonight against Tottenham Hotspur in the 3rd round of the FA Cup. The jersey was shown off earlier today by one club man Jamie Carragher. Thanks to K_TP for the pictures of Marine's 20-21 home kit featuring today's match details.

The new Marine merseyside mashup jersey was unveiled today by Jamie Carragher. It is made by Macron and features Arla Cravendale.

Marine's new 20-21 merseyside mashup strip combines the club's regular home shirt with the other two Merseyside clubs, Everton and Liverpool. Today, Marine will play a magical game against 'big six' side Tottenham and Marine's 20-21 merseyside mashup uniform could potentially be worn on this occasion.

Marine 2020-21 Merseyside Mashup Kit

This is the new Macron Marine merseyside mashup shirt for 2020-21.

Featuring a half-and-half look, the Macron Marine 2020-2021 merseyside mashup shirt is orignally based on Marine's 20-21 home jersey that is a very classy affair. However, the differences in comparison to their original shirt immediately stand out since there are striking red respectively blue sleeves. The lower part of the front continues this theme.

A simple black crew-neck collar, a black Macron Hero on the chest and a golden rendition of the club's logo on the opposite side complete striking look. Also on the chest are the official match details of today's 3rd round FA Cup fixture.

We will have to wait and see if this jersey will actually be worn today against Tottenham. A reason for it to be worn tonight is the fact that the official match details are printed on the chest, what could speak against it is the fact that Marine A.F.C. described it as a "special one off jersey" that would be on its way to Jamie Carragher. In fact, James Lee Duncan Carragher is a childhood Everton fan who nevertheless became a one club man for Liverpool. Everton and Liverpool have a fierce rivalry.

After all, we would definitely not mind Marine wearing their regular home jersey on this special occasion tonight as it is what got them to this point with a simple but effective half-and-half design.

Regular Marine 20-21 Home Kit

Made by Macron. What's your opinion on Marine's merseyside mashup jersey? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below the article, and see the 21-22 Kit Overview for more.