New Footy Headlines Website Design 2021 - Dark Mode & More

We rolled out an all-new look for a few days ago. It's the first major design update in years and after fixing any initial bugs, we are happy to officially announce the new look.

We hope that you like the update and would love to hear your thoughts n the experience so far in the comments down below. What follows is a quick overview over what we believe to be the key changes.

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New Post View

Footy Headlines is all about the content and we hope our redesigned post page reflects this. There's a new floating sidebar with all the details, while the font and images are now larger than before.

Dark Mode

We've also added a dark mode, which can be toggled using the moon icon in the nav bar (desktop) or the button at the top of the sidebar menu on mobile.

Redesigned Navbar

We've rebuilt the navigation bar at the top from scratch, adding icons to key categories for an easier overview while also giving everything more room to breath.

The navbar now also includes a 'More' section, which includes balls, logos and sponsorships, rather than the dedicated balls button from before.

New Kits / Boots Overview

The homepage now features a new overview over the most recent posts in the two most important categories - kits and boots.

This allows you to get a quick overview over roughly the past week in either category.

New Search

The search has been completely redesigned and uses a different underlying system to ensure much more accurate results than before.

Fully Responsive

Just like before, Footy Headlines is fully responsive and will work great across all your devices.

Let's hear your thoughts on the new design in the comments below. And please also let us know if you spot any bugs or errors, thanks!