Nike Black x Prism Boots Pack Released

Update: Nike today presented the last missing boot of their new black pack, which is called "Black x Prism" - The Mercurial boots from the collection are now available.

The new Nike 2021 Blackpack will be not worn by Nike's best athletes on the pitch, who will instead switch to the 'Spectrum' pack in February.

Nike 2021 Black x Prism Soccer Cleats

A fresh look for Nike's three main silos, the Nike Spring 2021 Black Pack combines black base designs with colorful outlined Swooshes.

What makes the pack connected is not only the black base color but also the accent colors - there is a gradient from blue over yellow to red, from the Tiempo to the Mercurial. So if you own all of three boots, you are getting a nice fitting pack.

Nike 2021 Mercurial 'Black x Prism' - Black / Cyber / Off Noir / Rage Green

A stylish look as part of the 2021 Spring black pack, these new Nike Mercurial Superfly 2021 cleats are mainly black, combined with Cyber (light green), Off Noir (dark purple) and Rage Green.

Next-Gen Nike Mercurial 2021 'Black Pack' Boots Leaked

Nike Phantom GT 'Black x Prism' - Black / Cyber / Light Photo Blue

Part of the Nike 2021 Black x Prism Pack, these Nike Phantom GT boots are black with yellow / blue gradient outlined logos - the boot's logos fade from yellow (front) to blue (rear).

Nike Phantom GT 2021 'Black Pack' Boots Leaked

Nike Tiempo Legend VIII 'Black x Prism' - Black / Black / Red / Blue

Featuring the same concept as the respective Nike Phantom GT cleats of the collection, the new Nike Tiempo Legend 8 football boots are all-black with a blue / red outlined gradient Swoosh. The Tiempo text on the heel area is red.

Nike Tiempo Legend 8 2021 'Black Pack' Boots Leaked

The Phantom GT and Tiempo Legend from the new Nike Black x Prism collection are available to buy from 1 February 2021.

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