Serie A Rebrand By dan colosimo

Graphic designer @dancolosimoo has imagined how a rebranded Serie A competition could look like.

The current Serie A logo and whole branding was launched in May 2019. It introduced an all-new look, created in collaboration with Rome-based design agency Ragù Communication.

Serie A Concept Rebrand

The redesigned Serie A logo by dan colosimo comes with a rounded, clean and modern look. It features a roundish A within a circle as well as the letters Serie A with the Italian flag colors below it.

To promote the league, he uses the popular Italian slogan 'Noi siamo il Calcio' (that means "We are football"). The color scheme of his logo is a modern saturated blue.

dan colosimo also created a some social media graphics, adverts as well as a scoreboard in his Serie A design.

Do you like the concept crest and whole rebrand for the Serie A by dan colosimo? Let us know in the comments down below.