All-New San Marino Football Logos Revealed

The San Marino Football Federation, founded in 1931, celebrates its first 90 years. To enter a new era, the San Marino Football Federation (FSGC) on Friday unveiled a new brand identity for its federation and national team.

The new San Marino football branding has been developed with the help of UEFA GROW, UEFA's support program for the development of the Federations. The branding itself has been created by the Genoese design company VIVO ADV.

"The FSGC wants to set a further milestone in its modernization process started a few years ago and today it does so by presenting two new logos", announced President Marco Tura. "One linked to the activity of the National team and the other to that of the Federation itself".

The new San Marino logo celebrates the history and traditions of San Marino while boasting a modern look.

A distinctive feature of the Republic of San Marino are Monte Titano and its Tre Torri, from where the creative flame that led to the creation of the new logo of the San Marino national team sprang. The shape of the tower are an integral part of the new icon.

The shield shape is an immediate and unequivocal link to the world of football and in the same the letters "S" and "M can be identified."- initials of San Marino. The color palette is made up of blue San Marino, gold (faithful reference to the coat of arms of our state) and gray, naturally combined with the white of the national flag.

federation logo

national team logo

"The logo is the fundamental element for every organization, representing the values, identity and in general the ecosystem of each brand", underlines Andrea Nardoni, Marketing Manager of the FSGC. "The ones we launched today and those already presented in September are registered and effectively owned by the Federation: this means being able to count on new opportunities on the marketing and communication side."

Last September, the FSGC already revealed the new logo for the national football and futsal competitions.

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