Amazing Copa Verde Sleeve Patches Raise Awareness for Endangered Animals

Earlier this week, Clube do Remo faced Brasiliense F.C. in the final of Copa Verde, an annual regional cup competition in Brazil that started in 2014. It is contested by 24 teams from the North and Central-West regions, acts as the counterpart of Copa do Nordeste and is called Verde (green) as an allusion to the Amazon forest.

Obviously, Amazon forest and its unique biodiversity are permanently at risk because of industrialisation and deforestation. Cows need pasture area before they will get slaughtered to serve as meat for humans.

To raise awareness for the unique biosphere of the region, graphic designer @_GonzaRodriguez created two unique sleeve patches that feature the distinctive look of one endangered animal each.

Incredible Copa Verde 2021 Final Sleeve Patches

The sleeve patches by Gonzalo Rodriguez only consist of leafs in different colours and were made using a brushstroke effect. The sleeve patch of Brasiliense presumably shows the hyacinth macaw, the largest parrot of the world by length (1 metre). The sleeve patch of Clube do Remo shows a jaguar in different shades of brown and black.

Brasiliense F.C. - Hyacinth Macaw

Clube do Remo - Jaguar

What do you think of the special Copa Verde 2021 final sleeve patches? Drop us a line below.