Chelsea Lion Concept Logo & Kits

What if Chelsea would opt for a similar logo style as Premier League rivals Liverpool on their kits? We have imagined how a Liverbird-esque Chelsea FC crest could look like.

In fact, the Liverbird L.F.C. logo style was not invented by Liverpool but has been used by Chelsea for their kits from the early 1970s until the 1985-86 season, when the club heavily changed their logo. It did just feature the CFC letters and no dots.

2020 1970 remake vs Liverbird on 2020-21 Nike kits

Chelsea Logo History

Chelsea FC Lion Concept Logo + Kits

Our Chelsea FC lion concept logo takes the lion illustration of the current club logo and combines it with the lettering CFC below it. We have used the same font as for the actual Chelsea FC logo.

To demonstrate how our CFC lion logo would look on kits we have created three concepts with it - two of them just feature the lion.

In 2020, Nike released a special Chelsea fourth kit inspired by the 1970 shirt to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1970 FA Cup triumph. It came with the same logo as in 1970.

Do you like our Chelsea FC lion concept crest? What do you think of our concepts with the logo? Should Nike release a CFC kit just with a lion? Comment below.