Comparing 1990s Goalkeeper Kits With Birds

A couple of days ago Twitter user Dan Baldassarre (@evornithology) created a very interesting thread about 1990s goalkeeper shirts that will definitely brighten your day. The bird expert compared 1990s goalkeeper shirts with flamboyant bird species.

It is immediately obvious that the comparison is spot-on although goalkeepers tried to distract attackers with the outrageous 1990s goalkeeper shirts, while the feathers of male birds are standing out to attract female birds. Additionally, very striking colours signify a healthy bird. Check out all goalkeeper shirts in comparison with birds underneath.

David Seaman / Rainbow Lorikeet

Jorge Campos / Cuban Tody

Rene Higuita / European Starling

David James / Flame Bowerbird

Oliver Kahn / Mountain Bluebird

Dimitri Kharine / American Goldfinch

Kevin Pressman / Yellow-throated Euphonia

Simon Royce / Australian King-Parrot

Peter Schmeichel / Violet-backed Starling

Ian Walker / Lilac-breasted Roller

What do you think of the striking 1990s goalkeeper shirts? Drop us a line below.