Extraordinary Fortuna Düsseldorf 2021 'Waiters' Kit Released - Supports Pubs & Restaurants In Time Of COVID-19

German club Fortuna Düsseldorf released a special jersey to support Düsseldorf's restaurants and pubs in time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Fortuna Düsseldorf 2021 special kit is called "Köbestrikot", which translates to "Waiters Kit". In the Rhineland, the waiter who serves beer in the local breweries is called a Köbes.

Uhlsport Fortuna Düsseldorf 2021 Special Shirt

Check out Uhlsport's Fortuna Düsseldorf 2021 special shirt below.

Traditionally, waiters wear a blue shirt. In keeping with the Köbe's clothing, the jersey is entirely blue. It comes with tons of features and little details.

Embroidered pencil lines on the sleeves are inspired by the way breweries count the number of beers already drunk. There are nine strokes on the left sleeve and five on the right sleeve, representing the founding year of Fortuna.

Furthermore, there are five embossed strokes on the front, which were drawn by five different Köbessen of the individual Düsseldorf home breweries. The jersey also comes with a stylized chest pocket and a golden F95 logo. The words "Mit Ecken & Kanten" (With Corners & Edges) are incorporated into the neckband, and the text of the traditional Altbier song is printed on the inside.

An embroidered "F95" in gold on the back of the neck and a woven badge "F95 & Hopfendolde - 2020/2021" round off the look of the dress.

Available since February 26, Fortuna Düsseldorf's 2021 special strip retails at 90 Euro.

Fortuna Düsseldorf SE Jersey - Features

  • stylized breast pocket with gold F95 logo
  • 5 embossed pencil strokes of Köbessen on the front side
  • embroidered pencil strokes on the sleeves
  • lettering "Mit Ecken & Kanten" in the neckband
  • "Altbierlied" in the inside neck band
  • embroidered "F95" in gold on the back of the neck
  • "Düsseldorf" lettering in special script on the backside
  • web badge "F95 & Hopfendolde - 2020/2021
  • white "Toyo Tires" logo on the left sleeve
  • black and white "2. Bundesliga" logo in special design (optional)
  • material: 64% polyester and 36% cotton
  • 5€ "Thekentaler" to support the Düsseldorf gastronomy and pubs

The jersey will be worn by the team at the away game against SV Sandhausen on Saturday, March 13.

Made by Uhlsport. Are you a fan of Fortuna Düsseldorf's special shirt? Let us know in the comments below.