Highly Controversial: Logo Proposals By "Soccer Graphics"

A topic that is even more discussed than a club's new football kit is when a club reveals an all-new logo. French graphic designer @soccer_graph1cs dares to not only create concept kits but also so-called "Logo Proposals"...

Concept Logos By @soccer_graph1cs

For his concept crests, @soccer_graph1cs takes the club's current or past logo as inspiration to create bold whole new looks for each club. In example, he created a Juventus Logo Proposal based on the old crest or a Liverpool logo that has less in common with the club's traditions.

The critique for his work is immenseThe critique for some of his logos is big. His Liverpool FC crest is criticized for looking like any "Japanese soccer team" or just commented with the answer "WTF".

The designer also created concept kits and other stuff with his concept logos to show off how they look in use.

@soccer_graph1cs has more likes on some images than followers

What do you think of the concept logos created by @soccer_graph1cs? Do you understand the criticism? Comment below.