New FIFA Volta Collection Released - Created by Hector Bellerin

Update: Hector Bellerin has uploaded a YouTube video in which he extensively explains why he created these five designs and what influenced him. Additionally, there are also insights into the design process. Check it out below.

Hector Bellerin and EA Sports have just officially unveiled the next virtual lifestyle collection of the Spaniard for the in-game mode Volta. The new FIFA 21 Volta Hector Bellerin kits embody his own values.

FIFA Volta Bellerin Collection

Check out Hector Bellerin's Volta 20-21 football shirts below.

Inspired by change, Bellerin's FIFA 21 Volta kits capture different topics such as recycling or the LGBTQIA+ community. Design-wise they stand out because of flashy colours and interesting approaches.

Atlético De Barcelona

Kumbaya Union


Sporting LGBTQIA+

United Recycled

The new FIFA 21 Volta items are already available right now, and can be unlocked by completing challenges. They will be available until February 26.

Made by Hector Bellerin. What do you think about the new FIFA Volta kits? Let us know in the comments below, and browse the 21-22 Kit Overview for more.