Scunthorpe 21-22 Home & Away Kits Vote - Duel For Winning Design

Update: Scunthorpe United have narrowed the 21-22 home kit vote down to two shirts, with fans again able to choose their preference for the Iron's home kit for the 2021-22 season.

Scunthorpe United 21-22 Home Kit - "Duel Vote"

In the original vote, Kit 4 had marginally more votes than Kit 5 as the choice for the home shirt but it was Kit 5 that came out with a higher weighted average when supporters were asked how much they liked each kit. Therefore, the club decided to put them in a duel election.

There was a clear and obvious winner in the initial away kit voteThe winning shirt will be revealed when the kits are launched. The club also announced there was a clear and obvious winner in the initial away kit vote which will also be revealed when the kits are launched.

Scunthorpe United have once again offered their fans the chance to choose the designs of the home and away kits for the 2021-22 season.

With several smaller clubs allowing fans to propose designs for their upcoming kits recently, Scunthorpe have taken a different approach and put up a vote featuring a wide variety of options that were designed by Macron, the club's kit supplier.

The Scunthorpe 2021-22 kit vote is part of the club's Supporter Survey 2021, which includes many questions across a total of 14 pages. Question 37 is all about Macron's range for the 2020-21 season, giving Scunthorpe supporters the chance to rate the design and quality of the current kits and training products, respectively.

Having just signed a deal with Macron, there wasn't a vote last year, but the club already held one for the 2019-20 season, for example.

Scunthorpe 21-22 Home Kit Vote

Check out the options for the Scunthorpe United 2021-22 home shirt below.

Scunthorpe 21-22 Away Kit Vote

Check out the various alternative kit options below.

The survey allows fans to offer their take on each of the 12 options. In addition to that they can directly choose which design they would take as home and away kit, respectively.

The club will then use those results to determine the kits for the 2021-2022 season. Unless there is a clear winner, a shortlist will be created for another vote in the future.

No More FBT - Macron Scunthorpe United 20-21 Home Kit Released

Which ones of these are your favorites for the Scunthorpe 21-22 home and away kits? Comment below.