Should Adidas Release A Manchester United 2021 Pastel Kit?

What if Adidas would release a Manchester United football kit as part of their 2021 Pastel collection? We have imagined how a Man Utd Pastel kit would look like.

Manchester United 2021 Pastel Concept Kit

This picture shows our Manchester United 2020-21 pastel shirt concept.

For our Manchester United Pastel concept kit kit, we've used the same colors as the Man Utd Pastel 'polo' - Glory Mint' with red and black. It is a fresh color scheme for the club.

Adidas Manchester United 2021 Pastel Collection Leaked

The front of our Man United pastel concept kit comes with a camouflage pattern that could be seen on the leaked Man United Pastel windbreaker jacket.

The Adidas Man Utd Pastel concept kit will be never released, logically. The other items of the Pastel collection will become available in March 2021.

Would you like Adidas to release such as Pastel Man Utd kit? Comment below.