Umbro Seongnam FC 2021 Home & Away Kits Released

The new Seongnam FC home and away kits were released today. Made by Umbro, they will be worn in the 2021 K League.

Seongnam FC's 2021 home and away uniforms combine and reinterpret Umbro's own diamond pattern in the basic team colors.

Seongnam FC 2021 Home Shirt

This is the Seongnam FC 2021 home football shirt.

Seongnam FC's new 2021 shirt is inspired by the sharp wings of the magpie, which symbolizes the club in line with the catchphrase this season, called 'FLYING BLACK'.

The graphic pattern was redesigned in a modern sense from what was used in the Umbro global uniform in the past to express the willingness to fly, and the diamond pattern on the shoulder retained the 'Aurora' color to emphasize the luxury.

Seongnam FC 2021 Away Shirt

Check out the Seongnam FC 2021 away football shirt below.

Seongnam FC's new 2021 away shirt has a fresh color scheme with the classic white club away color, combined with gray and mint.

Seongnam FC's 2021 away shirt comes with a global pattern that transforms the Umbro logo into zigzag to bring out the novelty of the design. The font and diamond pattern used gray and mintade colors that have not been used so far to give a fresh and lively feeling, and express the desire for a dynamic season.

Seongnam FC's 2021 home and away uniforms retail at 94.000 South Korean won (equals to around 85 United States Dollar).

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