13 Minimalist Club Rebrands By 13 Designers

In the past few years, many football clubs have released minimalist new logos. Inspired by the recent trend, graphic designer Jeison Velandia (@JasonVelandiaF) brought together 13 designers for 13 minimalist club rebrands.

Inter Milan Rebrand Proposal

13 Minimalist Club Rebrands by 13 Designers

Called Proyecto Rebranding (Rebrand Project), the project imagines how minimalist new logos could look like for some of the biggest football clubs from Europe and South America.

Each of the logos has a minimalist style inspired by the new logos of the likes of Juventus, Nantes, Stade de Reims and others. While they take into account the colors and traditional symbols of each club, they all boast modern minimalist looks that are anything but traditional for most teams.

Boca Juniors By @ChenzoAr

AFC Ajax by @lengototo

CD Nacional by @Regista13FM

Chelsea FC by @P29Hector

Club America by @Patnenka

PSG by @JullDeOro

Liverpool FC by @rudboytattoo

Inter by @creationconcept

Palmeiras by @EritieFootball

Manchester United by @IL_Graphic

FC Barcelona by @cabezazo_

Santos FC by @JasonVelandiaF

America de Cali by @JoseIgnacioCAU

What do you think of these concept logos? Do you like the minimalist style in general? Comment below.