Adidas Ditches Side 3 Stripes for 2021-22 Kits

With more and more Adidas 21-22 kits getting leaked, it's become obvious that the brand has finally ditched the lateral 3 Stripes that were first introduced with the Euro 2016 range, more than five years ago.

Adidas introduced the side 3 Stripes for its Euro 2016 kits, likely in a move to freshen things up and add more variance to those designs. At the same time the length of the stripes on the sleeves was reduced. Instead of just above the sleeve patches, they only extended up to the shoulder seam from then on. There were a few exceptions to this, of course, like the Russia 2018 home.

Since then we've seen both styles being used side by side but that is set to come to an end in the upcoming 2021-22 season. All of the brand's elite kits that have been leaked so far, as well as all MLS 2021 kits released to this day have had the stripes on the shoulders.

We will likely still see a few lower-level teams' kits have the lateral detailing as it's still used for a number of teamwear kits, including Campeon 21.

The curious case of the Arsenal 21-22 Home Kit

Interestingly, earlier info stated that the Arsenal 21-22 home kit would have the 3 Stripes placed on the sides but the leak later revealed that they were also placed on the shoulders in the end.

What do you think about Adidas' decision to ditch the side stripes? Drop us a line below, and check out the Kit Overview for more.