Lecce 2021 113-Years Kit Released

To celebrate 113 years of football in Lecce, Italian Serie B club US Lecce wore a special jersey in the league match against Chievo Verona.

Lecce 2021 113-Years Shirt

This is the US Lecce 2021 113-years shirt, made by M908 (in-house).

The in-house US Lecce 2021 113-years shirt mirrors the design of the Lecce 1978-1980 home shirt. It is mainly red with a classic yellow / red collar.

On the left chest is sewn the logo of 40 years ago, white with a she-wolf in the center and a holm oak tree, the city's coat of arms.

The Lecce 2021 113-years football shirt is made by the club's own brand M908 - it comes without the logo of the company.

Lecce 113-Years Keeper Shirt

Lecce also released a special keeper jersey. Just as the player's home shirt, it is a historical reproduction of the past. The green keeper shirt was worn by the late Aldo Nardin, who passed away last May.

Made by M908 (in-house). Do you like Lecce's 113-years shirt? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below the article.