Fakes! Nike Liverpool 21-22 Home, Away & Third Kits "Leaked" - What's All Wrong

Update: Another picture of wrong, counterfeit Liverpool 21-22 home, away and third kits is doing the rounds on social media. The home kit is based on the actual jersey but has various wrong things, while the away and third jerseys are based on concepts of possible designs.

New FAKE Liverpool 21-22 Kits

Images of the alleged Liverpool 21-22 home, away and third kits are doing the rounds on social media. However, they are not real.

Liverpool 2021-2022 FAKE Kits

The Nike Liverpool 21-22 kits circulating online have been shared by many big social media accounts, including @ynwagram who got 825k followers. However, all of them show fakes, and only one is partly the real deal.

Liverpool 21-22 Home Kit Leaked - New Picture


The fake Liverpool 21-22 home kit looks authentic at first glance. However, it only features the actual design of the shirt when not looking too precise. There are various wrong elements - we summarize them up.

Wrong Zig-Zag Design

The zig-zags are not connecting - a sloppy error of the fakers.

Wrong Tag

The fake has an old Nike 2020 kit tag - the Nike 21-22 kits come with a 'eco' tag.

Wrong Collar Labels

The logos inside the collar are those of the 2020-21 season. The new Nike 21-22 kits come with a new Dri-Fit logo and other new logos inside the collar.

Liverbird With ®

The fake comes with the LFC bird with the registered sign ® - that is not the case with the real kit.

Away & Third

The alleged away and third kits have similar errors as the home and away kits, but there is one important difference. Both are not based on actual designs but on concepts / predictions. We already featured them on our website before.

Liverpool 21-22 Home & Away Kit 'Predictions' - First Fakes Floating Around

The actual Nike Liverpool 2021-2022 jerseys will be launched from early Summer 2021.

What do you think of these fakes? Are you surprised there are as many wrong elements? Drop us a line below and check out all actual 21-22 kit info in the Kit Overview.