Exclusive: Adidas Rihla 2022 World Cup Ball Leaked

Update: We can leak more pictures of the Adidas 2022 World Cup ball. This time, they show a counterfeit of the high-end version. The colors could slightly differ from the official Adidas product.

Update: We can leak the first images of the Adidas 2022 World Cup ball. It shows a cheap takedown version of the official match ball but the design and colorway are correct. We expect the high-end version to look more "stunning".

What is strange is that the ball comes with the "old" Adidas logo. The reason is possible that the football will be already released in April/May/June 2022, five months before Adidas will change their logo.

The Adidas 2022 World Cup ball is called "Rihla" (Adidas 2022 World Cup Rihla Official Match Ball). Rihla is the Arabic word for a journey or the travelogue that documents it.

Rihla is the Arabic word for travel booksThe 2022 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to take place in Qatar from 21 November to 18 December 2022.

The Adidas Telstar 18 was the official match ball of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which was held in Russia. It was designed by Adidas, a FIFA Partner and FIFA World Cup official match ball supplier since 1970, and based on the concept of the first Adidas World Cup match ball.

Adidas 2022 World Cup Ball

The Adidas 2022 World Cup football combines the main color white with a Multicolor, modern design.

The inspiration of the color scheme is likely the Doha Qatar skyline at night.

One of the main innovations of the ball is Speedshell. It remains to be seen what exactly the new tech brings us.


In fact, images of an alternative colorway of the 2022 World Cup ball were leaked in August 2021. They show a Glider version with a different color scheme.

Adidas 2018 World Cup Ball - Telstar 18

In fact, the exact release date of the Adidas 2022 World Cup Ball is "April 13, 2022", the (likely) originally planned day for the 2022 World Cup draw. However, the official draw of the tournament was scheduled back to June because of COVID-19, so the launch of the ball could be postponed as well.

Stay tuned for more about the Adidas 2022 World Cup football in the coming weeks.

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