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Tampa Bay Rowdies 2021 Logo + Kits Released

US Soccer club Tampa Bay Rowdies this week not only released their new kits for 2021 but also a new club logo.

The Tampa Bay Rowdies are an American professional soccer team based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The Rowdies were the first professional sports team to represent the Tampa Bay region starting in 1975. They continued to play in various leagues before ceasing operations in 1993. The affection for the Rowdies persisted in the ensuing years, and the club was resurrected in 2010. Since 2017, the Rowdies have been members of the USL Championship in the second tier of the American soccer pyramid.

Tampa Bay Rowdies 2021 Logo

The new Tampa Bay Rowdies 2021 logo boasts an all-new look inspired by traditional football logos. The old crest just consisted of a wordmark.

Classic mascot of the team

The new Tampa Bay Rowdies logo boasts an updated version of Ralph Rowdie, the mustachioed player featured in imagery for the original Rowdies. The mustache remains, but this refreshed design was inspired by the look of the early players in England who helped establish the rules of modern football in the 19th century.

The famous Rowdies wordmark remained an integral element of any new crest.

The number 7510 stands for the club's founding year (1975) and the club's reborn (2010).

"In the soccer world, the year on a crest usually signifies a club’s founding year. This new Rowdies crest instead represents the distinctive story of the Rowdies with the number 7510".

“To me, my favorite element is the Tampa Bay Rowdies logo within this crest,” said Rowdies President Lee Cohen. “We’ve revitalized something that can be fun for an original 1975 Rowdies fan, a 2010 Rowdies fan, or a 2021 Rowdies fan. The Rowdies logo is still part of our iconic brand. It’s just now within a crest that embodies the Tampa Bay region, our brand, our supporters, and the history of the club.”

Tampa Bay Rowdies 2021 "7510" Kit - Home

Based on the Nike Trophy IV teamwear jersey, the new crest takes the center stage of the Tampa Bay Rowdies 2021 home kit. The shirt is white with a classic collar and the new crest on the left chest. It is the first time the Rowdies have worn a collar since 2013.

Officially, the home kit is called the "7510" kit. The number 7510 is inspired by the history of the club - 75 stands for the club's original founding year 1975, while 10 is there for the year of the club's reborn in 2010.

Tampa Bay Rowdies 2021 'Volt' Kit - Away

The new TBR 2021 away kit boasts the club's away kit color Volt. The Rowdies first wore volt-colored kits in 2019, with the thought of having a bold look to go with the new attitude and intensity the club wanted to bring to their away matches. They were successful wearing it and so the color is used again.

In fact, the volt away kit is based on the standard "Nike Challenge 3 teamwear kit".

Tampa Bay Rowdies 2021 'Legacy' Kit - Third

The Tampa Bay Rowdies 2021 'Legacy' kit has the club's classic green and gold colors.

“The Tampa Bay Rowdies are nothing without our fans, ultimately,” said Head Coach Neill Collins. “That’s what every great sports organization is. You are the fans. You would not be here if it were not for them and their support. We have a fantastic set of fans, and I think they’ll be excited that the club is giving them something that is staying true to what this club’s about, just with a new twist.”

What do you think of the new Tampa Bay Rowdies logo? Comment below.