Confirmed: Benzema To Wear Number 19 For France

Update: The FFF has released their EURO 2020 squad numbers, and Benzema has opted for number 19. Lucas Digne will now wear number 18. KB10 is now KB19.

In a surprise turn of of event, the Real Madrid forward has returned to the France national team.

After a six-year-absence, Karim Benzema finally returned. This, however, raises a question what will be his number?

In his last match for Les Bleus, Benzema wore the no.10 shirt. Since then, it has now been taken by the young Kylian Mbappe. Another number that Benzema has worn for France is 9, which belongs to Chelsea's Olivier Giroud.

Both Mbappe and Giroud are unlikely to give up their numbers, in that case, Benzema will have to look at other options. Let's take a look at the other possibilities.

Number 11

What's after 9 and 10? 11 of course. And it is not like Benzema never wore the number before, his very first season at Real Madrid saw him debut with the no.11 shirt. Though he switched to no.9 the season right after.

Who is France's number 11? Ousmane Dembélé. But his influence is nowhere near the likes of Mbappe or Giroud, so should not be too hard for Benzema to take it.

Number 18

It was 2004, Benzema was only 17 but he had started to make a name for himself. He was part of the Génération 1987 that included Hatem Ben Arfa, Jérémy Ménez and Samir Nasri etc who won the UEFA European Under-17 Championship that year.

Benzema shirt number was 18 at the time, so he might hold some fond memories of it. Kurt Zouma is the one he need to ask if he fancies the number.

Number 19

Despite making his debut for Lyon wearing number 33, Benzema quickly switched to no.19 in the next match and kept it for two seasons before finally landing on the no.10 shirt.

Taking shirt number 19 is not hard as it has been passed through the hands of several players now. Current holder is Lucas Digne.

Number 20

Like many youngsters who made their debut for the national team, Benzema did not get the number 9 or 10. His first match for France saw him wearing number 20, previously assigned to David Trezeguet. In that same debut, against Austria, he scored the first goal for his nation.

France's number 20 now is ... no one. This is by far the easiest choice and with great memories as well.

So which number do you think Benzema will get? Let us know in the comments.