Why This Leaked Nike Liverpool 21-22 Kit Is A Counterfeit Product

It is kit release season. With it, we not only see the official launch of next season's 2021-22 football kits but also images of leaked jerseys that seem authentic at first glance...

Liverpool 21-22 Home Kit Leaked - 9 Official Pictures

For example, images of the alleged new Liverpool 21-22 home kit got leaked by someone on Twitter, who got his hands on the new kit. However, he bought a counterfeit product. Let us find out who to avoid it.

Real vs Counterfeit Liverpool 2021-22 Home Kits

While looking authentic at first glance, the fake counterfeit Liverpool 21-22 kit does have many errors. The easiest to see one is the LFC badge, which has been updated by Nike for the 2021-22 season. The official LFC 21-22 home kit does come without the registered trademark symbol ® now.

There are many other differences visible in the pictures.

Wrong Material - Too Big Vaporknit Pattern

The counterfeit LFC 21-22 kit has the wrong material. For example, the knitted pattern is too big and the material of the kit itself is also wrong.

Wrong Logos

Both the Swoosh and the LFC crest are different from the official Nike 21-22 Liverpool kit. The plastic badges of the fake LFC 21-22 kit are based on Nike's old 20-21 badges. The fakers just used the old logos they made for the 2020-21 kit.

Bad-Quality Dri-Fit ADV Logo

The printing quality of the Nike Dri-Fit ADV logo on the bottom left is also not great, with the fake having some bad-looking plastic there.

The best element is the Standard Chartered logoOther things of the fake Liverpool 21-22 Nike home kit include the logo sizing and the collar. The best element seems to be the Standard Chartered logo, but that is also the most simple to add to a football kit.

Authentic Product

Are you surprised the fake is so different from the actual kit when directly comparing the images? Would you have spotted the fake? Comment below.