Chile Again Cover Swoosh In Copa America, Players Wear Socks Inside Out

Update: Chile again covered the Swoosh with the Chilean flag in their Copa America match against Uruguay. We expect them to so in all further matches until the case is resolved.

The Swoosh on the socks is the wrong way roundInterestingly, the players wore the socks inside out, meaning that the Swoosh is "mirrored" / the wrong way round.

Update: Chile have debuted the jerseys with the covered Swoosh in yesterday night's match against Bolivia.

In the end, the federation opted to place the Chilean flag on top of the Swoosh to cover it. It will be very interesting to see how this evolves over the coming days and weeks.

Original Story: The Chilean national team could wear a jersey with the famous Nike logo, the Swoosh, covered by a patch, according to Chilean sports news portal RedGol.

Nike "withdraw" from several countries of the South American market last year

Chilean Football Federation Says Nike Chile Sues Them 5.7 Million USD

The ANFP (Asociación Nacional de Fútbol Profesional - Chilean football government body) sued Nike Chile for 4.2 billion pesos (around 5.7 million UDD). The sum represents the non-payment of the installment of the contract that has been in force since 2015 and should have been fulfilled between July 2019 and July 2020.

Nike Chile says it is not liableNike Chile says it is not liable because the contract was signed by the international parent company, Nike European Operations Netherlands B.V.

In early 2020, Nike "withdraw" from several countries of the South American market, which would be managed by sub-licensees. In Brazil, local sports store Centauro will manage the Nike brand, for example. AXO Groupdoes the same for Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay.

The situation is awaiting the resolution of justice, both in Chile and in the United States, but in the meantime, the ANFP threatens a new blow, which is expected for this Friday, when the Chilean national team faces Bolivia for the Copa America.

Now the dispute between the Chilean Football Federation and sportswear company Nike will reach a crucial point this Friday.

According to RedGol, Chile's jersey will have an eye-catching patch covering the Swoosh to mark a distance with the sports brand and force a resolution of the litigation that currently confronts both companies.

The ANFP's retaliation is nothing new. In 2007, when La Roja was in litigation with Brooks, it wore a jersey with no sports brand logos in the friendly matches against Brazil and Costa Rica.

The Chilean national team played with a jersey without sports branding in 2007

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