Kilmarnock 21-22 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

We have kit news from the Scottish Championship as the new Hummel Kilmarnock 2021-22 home, away and third kits were released today.

Hummel Kilmarnock 21-22 Home Shirt

Check out Hummel's Kilmarnock 2021-2022 home football shirt below.

The Hummel Kilmarnock 2021-22 football shirt is in white with blue stripes. A reverse from last season predominant blue with white stripes.

The shorts are blue with white chevrons running down both sides.

Kilmarnock Hummel 21-22 Away Kit

Check out Hummel's Kilmarnock 2021-22 away shirt below.

The Hummel Kilmarnock 2021-22 away football shirt is a throwback to their 1995 uniform with a two-tone design. Half of the body is in dark blue while the other is navy.

Unlike the 1995 shirt, red will only be used for small details on cuffs and collar. The chevrons on the shoulders are red, too.

The shorts are red with navy chevrons.

Hummel Kilmarnock 21-22 Third Kit

Check out Hummel's Kilmarnock 21-22 third football shirt below.

Purple was used in one of the club's uniform in the 2008/09 season. It is now coming back in the Hummel Kilmarnock 21-22 third shirt. White is used of the Hummel logo and the chevrons on the shoulders.

The short is in purple and also with white chevrons.

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