LOSC Lille Vintage Collection Released

Ligue 1 club LOSC Lille has released a vintage shirt and jacket collection in collaboration with COPA. The tops are based on their equipment from the 54-55 era.

LOSC Lille 2021-2022 Vintage Jersey

This is the LOSC Lille 21-22 vintage jersey, made by COPA.

The COPA LOSC Lille 2021-22 vintage jersey is in white with a large red V at the centre of the body. Cuffs and polo collar are also in red.

The classic Lille crest is placed inside the V and right below the collar. Meanwhile the modern one is located inside the shirt, also right below the collar.

Lille based the design on the 1954-55 season uniform when they won the Coupe de France.

LOSC Lille 21-22 Vintage Jacket

Check out COPA's LOSC Lille 2021-22 vintage jacket below.

Dark blue dominate the COPA LOSC Lille 2021-22 vintage jacket. Like the jersey, it also has a large red V at the centre but with more curve. It also divide the front into two colour parts.

Above the V is in white while below it is dark blue where there is a large 'LOSC' print that makes a V-shape formation. The collar is in red while the cuffs, zipper and hem are in white.

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