Many Adidas Teams Wear "Replica" Kits in Euro 2020

When taking a closer look at the kits of Wales in yesterday's UEFA Euro 2020 match against Italy, we noted something interesting - Wales was not wearing a kit with heat-applied logos but stitched ones.

Most Adidas Teams Wear Kits With Replica Technology

For the UEFA Euro 2020, Adidas released new kits for all other nations. However, the Three Stripes did not release authentic "Heat.Rdy" jerseys for all teams except Germany and Spain. All other Adidas Euro 2020 kits are only available as "replica - Aeroready" versions.

Replica kits feature stitched logos and Aeroready technologyThe Adidas replica 'Fan' kits come with Aeroready technology and stitched logos. They also have a more relaxed cut.

So in the Euro 2020, only the two biggest Adidas teams (Germany and Spain) wear Adidas high-end Heat.Rdy kits.

The same applies to club teams, of which only the five Elite teams (Arsenal, Bayern, Juventus, Manchester United, Real Madrid) receive 'Heat.Rdy' authentic kits from Adidas. kits with

Nike created custom player-issue shirts for Finland and Slovakia

In contrast to Adidas, all Puma teams are wearing authentic kits with heat-applied logos. Nike released Vaporknit kits for all teams except Slovakia and Finland. What is very interesting is that Nike created a special edition of both team's kits with heat-applied logos.

What do you think of Adidas teams wearing kits with replica technology in UEFA Euro 2020? Should the Three Stripes brand have created player issue authentic kits? Comment below.