Umbro Iraq 21-22 Home & Away Kits Released - Finally Bespoke

Iraq's new 2021-22 home and away shirts were released today. They are made by Umbro.

Umbro signed a 2-year partnership with the Iraq Football Association in late 2020. Umbro replaced Givova.

Earlier this year, Umbro released makeshift jerseys for Iraq. The new Iraq 2021-2022 home and away kits now feature bespoke looks.

Both jerseys are inspired by ancient Mesopotamian symbols that have represented this culture for many thousands of years.

Iraq national football team Umbro 2021-2022 Home Kit

Check out Umbro's Iraq 2021-22 home shirt below.

The Umbro Iraq national football team 2021-2022 home football shirt is green with a graphic pattern of the Babylon palm across the front, symbolizing victory as well as the walls of the Ishtar Gate, once one of eight entrances to the inner city of ancient Babylon.

The design is completed with a classic black V-neck and a black & white repeat-diamond taping around the cuff of the sleeve.

On the back under the collar is “Iraq” in Kufic, a traditional Arabic script.

Umbro Iraq 21-22 Away Kit

Check out Umbro's Iraq national football team 2021-22 away football shirt below.

The Umbro Iraq national football team 21-22 away jersey is white with centered logos. It also features a V-neck, this time in teal, as well as repeat-diamond taping in the same color around the cuff of the sleeve.

For the white away jersey, the graphic of the Babylon palm tree has been enhanced with Assyrian rosettes. These small flower symbols were commonly used in art originating from the ancient kingdom of Assyria.

Iraq's 21-22 home and away kits will be available from mid-July 2021.

Made by Umbro. Are you a fan of the Iraq national football team's home and away kits? Comment below.