Wigan Athletic Continue To Use 20-21 Kits For The 21-22 Season

In a recent interview with local news Wigan Today, Wigan CEO Mal Brannigan confirmed that the club will not have new uniforms for the 21-22 season.

Wigan Athletic 20-21 Home & Away Kits Released

Wigan To Keep Their 20-21 Kits For The New Season

This is a move that would surely please a lot of Latics fans. For the whole of the 20-21 season, Wigan have been playing behind closed door so none has the chance to watch them with the 'new' uniforms yet.

The club also want to reward the fans for their loyalty throughout the difficult season.

Brannigan said in the interview: “It’s funny, because the home kit we currently have...none of the fans have ever seen it from the inside of a stadium. So we’ve made a conscious decision – based also on the economics of what people have lived with over the last 16 months – not to put out a new home kit.

“We’re not obliged under the terms of the contract to change any of the kits, but we will be changing a couple of the other kits.

"But the home strip, we decided very early on, will remain the same, because we didn’t want fans to be paying out again having never seen it in the flesh.”

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