Criticism Against German Adidas x 11teamsports Kits

In partnership with retailer 11teamsports, Adidas has returned as kit maker of some traditional German clubs - Düsseldorf, Nürnberg, and Schalke (from 2022). After the launch of the new Düsseldorf and Nürnberg kits, however, there has been some criticism about the kits.

All designs were created using miadidas

Adidas 21-22 Small Club Team Kits Feature Standard Designs & Badly Applied Logos

First, the new Adidas Düsseldorf and Nürnberg kits do not feature really bespoke designs but have been simply created using miadidas, Adidas' customization service for teams. This means that, for example, Düsseldorf's away and third jerseys come with standard graphics that can be re-created using miadidas in a few seconds.

Noticed by @julian_ze

All designs are from the catalog

Second, and possibly, more importantly, Nürnberg supporter Steffen criticized the processing quality of the badge of the Nürnberg 21-22 home kit. There is a white border between the crest and the fabric.

The logo is really cheaply made on it and you can see between logo and fabric a white border around. Unfortunately, this has not much to do with refining.

It is not known if Adidas directly added the badge or if it was done by 11teamsports, it is just bad.

While the quality of the stitched badge was criticized, the overall quality of the new Adidas Nürnberg jersey was praised by Nürnberg supporter Steffen.

You notice that it is an Adidas jersey

"In addition, the white is nicely ribbed on the sleeve, but unfortunately not on the shoulder. Qualitatively you notice on the fabric simply that it is again Adidas".

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