Eintracht Frankfurt 21-22 E̶u̶r̶o̶p̶a̶ ̶L̶e̶a̶g̶u̶e̶ 'Fan' Kit Released

Update: The simplistic Eintracht Frankfurt 21-22 jersey is not the Europa League kit but the 'Fan' version of the club's 21-22 home kit. It retails at a fair price of 50 Euro - the usual home kit costs you 90 Euro. The club also released a fairly priced fan edition of the goalkeeper kit.

Eintracht Frankfurt ended the 2020/21 campaign in fifth. They had big chances to qualify for the Champions League but had a bad end of the season.

Frankfurt 21-22 Fan Kit

Check out Nike's Eintracht Frankfurt 2021-2022 Fan shirt below.

The Nike Eintracht Frankfurt 2021-22 Fan jersey is plain black with white logos and an overlapping v-collar.

There is not any subtle detailing - it is a pure plain black design.

The Fan Kit is identical to what we originally expected to be the Eintracht Frankfurt 21-22 (Bundesliga) home shirt.

Eintracht Frankfurt 21-22 Bundesliga vs Fan Kits

Eintracht Frankfurt 21-22 Home Kit Released

Eintracht Frankfurt 21-22 Goalkeeper Kit - Fan Version

Inspired by the Nike 21-22 goalkeeper design, the Eintracht Frankfurt 21-22 keeper fan version is based on the Nike Park VII teamwear jersey What makes it unique is the special print that looks similar to the design of the actual Nike 2021-22 keeper kit.

Frankfurt's new 2021-22 Fan kit was released in August 2021 for 50 Euro.

Eintracht Frankfurt 21-22 Away Kit Released

Eintracht Frankfurt 20-21 Away Becomes 21-22 Third Kit

What do you think about Frankfurt's Fan jersey? Should more clubs release a cheap version of the regular home kit? Comment below.