New Excelsior Rotterdam Logo Released - To Be Used From 21-22 Season

Eerste Divisie team Excelsior Rotterdam officially recently unveiled their new logo which will starts to appear from the 21-22 season.

Excelsior Rotterdam's New Crest

Here's how the new logo of Excelsior Rotterdam looks like compared to the previous one.

Throughout history, Excelsior Rotterdam's logo has seen only minor changes to its' text and this time is no different. The rounded shape with black and red circle inside is still retained.

The name S.B.V. Excelsior is replaced with Excelsior Rotterdam, the official name which has been used for several years. The foundation year 1902 is presented for the first time in red.

Excelsior Rotterdam created this new logo to unite all of their other entities into on brand. All branches from now on will use this same logo, contrary to the past when each had its' own logo.

"With all our activities, we have a huge reach in greater Rotterdam, but because all entities work from their own logo and appearance, we are failing ourselves", explains General Manager Daan Bovenberg.

"It is time for a central message, from one strong recognizable club with a shared mission and vision, core values and appearance. Changing our logo is part of a broader vision of how we as a club want to position ourselves towards the future."

What do you think of the new logo for Excelsior Rotterdam? Let us know down below.