Inter Fans Joke About Leaked Adidas Juventus 21-22 Third Kit

The first real picture of the Juventus 2021-22 third jersey has been leaked. Shortly after it, some Inter fans compared it with their Nike 2020-21 fourth jersey...

Inter 2020-21 Fourth vs Juventus 2021-2022 Third Kits

Both the Juventus 21-22 third kit and the Nike Inter Milan 2020-2021 fourth shirt introduce outstanding designs in yellow, white and blue (Inter's also has black).

Juve's jersey will look better than the leak on better imagesThere are of course many differences between the kits but the general design idea is a bit similar.

Prototype vs Final

Leaked pictures often look worse

On the two pictures, the Inter shirt differently looks better. One reason for it is definitely that the leaked Juventus picture is sup optimal in terns of quality. We expect it to look better on official images and when being worn by players.

The Jeep 4xe logo looks awful on the kitWhat we do not like about the Juventus 21-22 third jersey is the Jeep 4xe sponsor logo - Adidas designed the jersey with just the Jeep logo in mind. The Jeep logo was intended to be placed inside the blue stripe. Our initial leak shows off how it was intended...

Juventus 21-22 Third Kit Leaked - First Real Picture

Inter 20-21 Fourth Kit Released

Which kit do you prefer? Do you think the Juventus 21-22 third jersey will look better on official pictures? Comment below.