No More Umbro - Nike RCD Mallorca 21-22 Home Kit Released

Following their promotion to La Liga, Mallorca today announced a five-year kit deal with Nike, managed by our friends at Fútbol Emotion, in the process also presenting the new 20-21 home kit.

Nike RCD Mallorca 21-22 Home Kit

This is the new Nike RCD Mallorca home shirt for 21-22.

The Nike RCD Mallorca 2021-22 football shirt introduces a modern design in two shades of red, based on Nike's Strike II template.

The shorts of the RCD Mallorca 21-22 home kit are black.

The Nike RCD Mallorca 2021-22 home jersey is available since July 1, retailing at €75.

Nike x Mallorca Kit Deal

Speaking of the deal, Mallorca CEO of Business Alfonso Díaz stated that it was a "positive strategic move that involves the alliance with a top international brand that will further enhance the club's image in all areas". "Fútbol Emotion will be key to boost the commercialization of our products and continue our great commercial progression."

Carlos Sánchez Broto, as CEO of Fútbol Emotion, affirmed that "the alliance between RCD Mallorca, Nike and Fútbol Emotion is a declaration of intent of a new partnership model that had not been seen until now. All our focus is on product, service and branding, where we will maximize even more if possible the brand image of RCD Mallorca. We are very proud to be part of the structure of a Primera División club".

Made by Nike. Do you like RCD Mallorca's home kit? Comment below.