21-22 Wikipedia Kit Graphics Are Amazing

Football kit designs are getting more, and more important. This can be also observed on Wikipedia, whose kit graphics have reached a new level of detail.

Wikipedia 21-22 Kit Graphics

As spotted by the kit expert @phildelves, the kit graphics on Wikipedia for the 21-22 season do not only showcase the kit colors but also design details and brand logos.

Everybody can create the kit graphics for Wikipedia

The Wikipedia Kit Graphics all follow the same style, and of course, they are not made by a single designer but by the community.

Template: Football - Wikipedia's Template For Kit Graphics

In fact, Wikipedia has a special template for football kits. Called Template: Football, it is used on approximately 42,000 pages of Wikipedia.

The purpose of a football kit template is to show the look, feel, and design of an association football (or rugby) kit for both identification and historical purposes.

The Wikipedia football kit template consists of a shirt, shorts, and socks. There is a guideline on who to recreate a football kit using the template and hundreds of different base designs for things like stripes, logos and patterns.

Wikipedia offers the template to make it possible for everyone to create the "pixelated" kits for Wikipedia.

Football Kit Archive features real images and also follows the community approachA new website about the history of football kits (with real images) that also follows the community approach is Football Kit Archive. Football Kit Archive already includes more than 20,000 classic football kits, and everyone can add missing kits to the database.

Check out and add classic kits to Football Kit Archive

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