Common Goal Limited Edition Kit Released

To celebrate its fourth anniversary, Common Goal today unveiled its first-ever football shirt.

Common Goal was launched in 2017 when Juan Mata of Manchester United and Spain, committed to pledge one percent of his salary. The collective has since grown to 200 players and managers.

Paulo Dybala, Serge Gnabry, Timo Werner & More Players show off the kitSeveral Common Goal members featured in launch including: Paulo Dybala, Serge Gnabry, Timo Werner, Dani Olmo, Juan Mata, Magda Eriksson, Pernille Harder, Lotte Wubben-Moy and Jessica Silva.

Common Goal 2021 Limited Edition Shirt

This is the Common Goal 2021 Limited Edition football shirt.

Common Goal's 2021 Limited Edition jersey was custom-designed by Avery Dennison, with input from a diverse group of Common Goal members, and feature two colourways – magenta and blue.

The expressive, iridescent print and crests reflect different colours depending on the view; symbolising the myriad of perspectives in which the game can be seen to create positive social change. On the front, the shirts feature a unique three-part set of woven chest badges with a lenticular print providing a colour shimmer effect.

300 shirts are availableThe Common Goal movement’s motto ‘Football is a team game, and so is social change’ is on the inside back neck label.

“This jersey represents something very important for me because it epitomises giving back and solidarity that the football world should always have with people and fans,” said Paulo Dybala. “The message of this jersey is a reminder about who and what we represent. As players we have the voices to call for a better world which the Common Goal movement is trying to create.”

The Common Goal 2021-2022 Limited Edition football shirt was released on August 4. 300 limited-edition shirts are available to purchase. The price is 70 GBP.

All money received by Common Goal from the sales will be invested in projects using football to drive gender equality, fight racism, promote LGBTQ+ inclusion, and create peaceful and inclusive communities.

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