Derbystar 2021 German Super Cup Ball Released

For the third time in a row, Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern Munich will play for the first national title in Germany, the German Supercup. On Tuesday, August 17, 2021, they will do so with a special ball made by Bundesliga ball maker Derbystar.

Derbystar Brillant APS Super Cup v21 Official Match Ball

The complementary colors orange and blue of the regular Bundesliga match ball are replaced by the precious metal colors gold and silver.

Tech-wise, the German Super Cup ball of course remains identical to the counterpart.

"By having our own match ball, we are once again highlighting the great importance of the Super Cup. The color scheme in gold and silver allows us, on the one hand, to give the ball a high-quality and noble look and, on the other hand, to consciously stand out from our match ball, which is played in the Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga," says Joachim Böhmer, COO/management of DERBYSTAR.

Derbystar Brillant APS V21 Supercup - Features

  • Top competition ball. Hand sewn. FIFA QUALITY PRO. Official match ball of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 2021-22.
  • Optimal aerodynamic properties and sustainable roundness thanks to the 32-panel cut.
  • Hand-sewn for extra flexibility and hard-wearing seams.
  • Zero-wing bladder made of natural latex for an optimal round shape and lively jumping behavior.
  • Extremely soft ball contact. Precise flight behavior and lively jumping behavior. Optimal, sustainable roundness and particularly hard-wearing.
  • Limited to 500 pieces
  • Release date: 10th August, 2021
  • Price: €149.99

The Supercup Brillant APS is strictly limited to 500 copies, available for 150 Euro.

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