Juventus Teamgeist Jersey Released

Update: Juventus' players wore the Juventus Teamgeist jersey ahead of their league match against Genoa. It was adorned with two sponsor logos - Jeep (below the logo) and Allianz (training sponsor).

However, only De Ligt actually showed it off. All other players wore the standard Juventus 21-22 Winter long-sleeve pre-match jersey over it.

Celebrating the iconic 2006 template, the Adidas Juventus Teamgeist shirt was launched together with eight other clubs' designs on December 2, 2021.

Juventus Teamgeist Shirt

This is the Juventus 21-22 Teamgeist jersey, made by adidas.

Mainly blue, the adidas Juventus Teamgeist football shirt combines this base with golden details such as the the adidas logo in the center, while Juventus' new logo comes in its standard version. The 3 Stripes on the shoulders are also golden, as is trim on the sleeve cuffs.

The trademark lines of the Adidas 2006 template on front and back of the adidas Juventus 2021-22 Teamgeist jersey are also golden.

The adidas Juventus Teamgeist jersey is available since December 2, 2021, retailing at €75.

Made by adidas. Do you like or not like Juventus' Teamgeist jersey? Comment below.