Faulty / Prototype? Arrows On Manchester United 21-22 Third Kit Point In Different Directions

Adidas' Manchester United 21-22 third kit looks different on different launch pictures...

Adidas 21-22 Manchester United Third Jersey - Prototype / Faulty vs Final Kit

While some of the official reveal pictures of the Manchester United 2021-2022 third kit come with arrows that point to the bottom, some point to the top. Which is the correct version and why are there two different versions?

This might have been an error in production

Manchester United 21-22 Third Kit- Correct Version

Manchester United 21-22 Third Kit Released

The correct kit has arrows that point to the bottom, as on all product pictures. The only kits that have the arrows pointing to the bottom are those worn by some players. And why do some kits have arrows that point to the bottom?

There are two reasons why there seem to be different versions.

1: Adidas players wear prototypes with arrows pointing to the top

2: In the manufacturing process, the kit was wrongly turned around

Apart from the arrows, other things are identical.

There seem to be faulty kits on the marketWhat is also awkward is that some Manchester United 21-22 third kits seem to be badly produced - the arrow pattern is not centered on the Cavani kit pictured below.

The Adidas 21-22 Manchester United third jersey was launched on 12 August 2021. It will be interesting to see if some buyers get the kit with the wrong arrows...

Manchester United 21-22 Third Kit Released

Which version do you prefer? What do you think the reason is for the arrows to point in different directions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.