FIFA Wants Uruguay To Remove Two Stars

In June 2021, we answered the question why Uruguay's kits feature fur stars (two Olympics titles counted as World Cups & two World Cup titles). Now it is reported that FIFA wants Uruguay to remove two of its stars.

FIFA Orders Puma to Remove the Two Stars of the Olympic Games From Uruguay's Shield.

As reported by Uruguayan sports media Ovación, FIFA has ordered Puma to remove the two stars of the Olympic Games from the shield.

FIFA previously recognized the 1924 and 1928 Olympics as predecessors to the World Cup.

Uruguay is already working on modifying the kits for the next matches"We are working to revoke FIFA's decision or that they recognize that the Olympic Games are considered world championships," said Jorge Casales, director of competitions of the AUF (Uruguayan Football Association).

"Uruguay is going to use its arguments to challenge FIFA's decision. For now, we are working on the logistics of modifying the jerseys for the qualifiers," he added.

Casales also commented that they are already working on the collection of documents to prove that "Uruguay was world champion four times" despite the fact that before 1930 "World Championships were not disputed".

In this sense, he gave an example that at club level the winners of the old Intercontinental Cup are considered world champions just like those who today win the new Club World Cup.

The Uruguay 2021 away kit did not feature stars prominently but that was because of Puma's global design.

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