Nottingham Forest Rips Off Galatasaray Kit Designs

Not so long ago, English Championship club Nottingham Forest released their new away and third shirts for the upcoming season. Interestingly, both kits bear a very obvious resemblance to Galatasaray's 20-21 jerseys.

Nottingham Steals Galatasaray 20-21 Kit Designs

When comparing the Galatasaray 20-21 kits with the Nottingham Forest 21-22 shirts one immediately notices design similarities leading to the simple answer that Galatasaray was indeed an inspiration for Nottingham.

At least, Nottingham tried to slightly alter the appearance by utilizing striking colours as well as changing the graphic effects to a certain degree. However, the original ideas still live on with Nottingham Forest's 21-22 kits.

Meanwhile, Galatasaray's home and away jerseys for the last season were inspired by the club's passionate supporters, while the Galatasaray 20-21 home kit even added a modern twist to the club's traditional half-and-half look with a brush stroke effect.

Galatasaray 20-21 Home Kit vs Nottingham Forest 21-22 Third Shirt

Galatasaray 2020-21 Away Kit vs Nottingham Forest 2021-2022 Away Jersey

Overall, it was an innovative and very outgoing approach for one of Turkey's most popular clubs and it looks like English Championship side Nottingham Forest noticed that and wanted to replicate the success...

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