Rubin Kazan Forced To Draw Numbers In UEFA Europa Conference League After Rain Washed Them Off

Russian club Rubin Kazan provided a unreal story in yesterday's UEFA Europa Conference League qualifiers match against Poland’s Raków Częstochowa.

Numbers & Names Of Rubin Kazan Come Of, Players Use Pen, Referee Forces Them To Use Tape Finally

Rubin Kazan was forced to draw numbers on shirts with marker pens after rain washed them off. The referee of the match did not find this image sufficient, so the numbers were passed over with black tapes.

The referee then forced Rubin to use black tape for the numbers

While in rare cases players painted their name/numbers on the back of the shirt as the club forgot their shirt, this is something we have not seen anytime before.

For Djordje Despotovic, the rain caused ink from his number to run through and leave an imprint on his back.

Rubin Kazan 21-22 Jako Kits

The Rubin Kazan 2021-22 kits are made by German brand Jako but we are pretty sure that Rubin Kazan added the faulty printing.

It was certainly not Jako's faultThe incident was quickly picked up on social media: "(The) Conference League might not be the richest competition, but Rubin Kazan ain’t doing them any favor by playing with kits numbers coming out from Pub League drunk division".

Another added: "Never change, Russian football." A third said: "Not a great look for sponsor JAKO."

Some linked the story to the "cheap" UEFA Europa Conference League but this could have also happened in the Champions League and Europa League.

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