South Korea 2022 World Cup Pre-Match Shirt Released

The Nike South Korea 2022 pre-match jersey was released this week. It's made by Nike and will be worn for the warmup before international games from 2022, including the 2022 World Cup.

South Korea 2022 Pre-Match Jersey

This is the South Korea 2022 pre-match football shirt, made by Nike.

Mainly white, the Nike South Korea 2022 pre-match football shirt only combines this clean base with a greyish brushstroke graphic print on the front and sleeves at first glance, but the back actually features red and blue brushstroke stripes.

This is inspired by the central element of South Korea's flag, a circle with a blue and a red half representing the balance of power in the universe. The blue half represents negative forces, while the red half embodies positivity.

Nike's Swoosh is recolored black/white, while a recoloured black / white version of the logo of South Korea's football association sits on the opposite side.

The Nike South Korea 2022 pre-match shirt is only available to buy in South Korea yet.

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