Unbelievable Portugal 2022 World Cup Pre-Match Shirt Leaked

The Nike Portugal 2022 pre-match shirt was leaked yesterday. Made by Nike, it will be worn for the warmup before 2022 World Cup games. Pictures via OFOBALL.

Portugal 2022 Pre-Match Jersey

This is the new Nike Portugal pre-match football shirt for 2022.

Introducing a truly unique and outstanding look, the Nike Portugal 2022 pre-match shirt unites all sorts of shapes and colours in one football shirt.

Covering the shirt entirety of the shirt is a graphic made up of squares with designs that looks to be inspired by maritime flags, drawing inspiration from Portugal's great naval history.

In this case, it's the shapes and general design language that's inspired by the flags, while the colors differ and feature hues that are more pleasing on the eye such as green, blue, navy and yellow.

The Nike Swoosh on the right chest is yellow, while Portugal's crest on the opposite side appears in a recoloured yellow / teal version. A simple crew-neck collar completes the appearance.

The Nike Portugal 2022 pre-match jersey will be available from summer 2022.

Made by Nike. What do you think about Portugal's 2022 pre-match football shirt? Comment below.