Uruguay To Keep Four Stars For Next Matches, 2022 (World Cup) Kits To Have Two Only?

Uruguay will wear four stars on their jersey in the three upcoming 2022 World Cup qualifiers matches in early September 2021.

Uruguay Was Not Officially Informed By FIFA Yet

Uruguay's 2021 kits are not affected by FIFA yet - the 2021 away kit did not feature stars because of the "innovative Puma design".

As reported by Uruguay's news outlet Ovación Digital, FIFA did not yet officially request Uruguay to remove the stars from its kit. Instead, it was Puma who "unofficially" informed Uruguay that FIFA intends to have Uruguay remove the two stars for the Olympic titles.

“We talked to FIFA and they told us that there was no official communication, so until that happened, we would continue with the shirt as we were wearing it,” Gáston Tealdi (vice president of the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF)) told Ovacíon.

However, knowing that notification should arrive soon, the AUF is already working with the AHIFU, Association of Historians and Researchers of Uruguayan Football, on a defense, which will be presented to try to maintain the four stars.

Uruguay 2022 (World Cup Kits) To Have Two Stars Only? Puma Designs Determined Next Week

At the same time, there are already discussions with Puma regarding the uniforms that will be used in the World Cup in Qatar, in case of classification by Celeste. At first, the four stars will be kept, but if the defense of the AUF does not take effect, it is possible that the next releases will already bring a version with only the stars referring to the 1930 and 1950 world titles.

Jorge Casales, director of competitions at the (AUF), said that the kit for the next World Cup would be defined as early as next week.

4 World Cup Titles? Why Does Uruguay Have 4 Stars On Their Kit?

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