Venezia FC Sells Children Kits For The Same Price As Adults

Kappa's first Venezia FC kits are pieces of art. When looking at the club's official online store, we were very surprised about the pricing of the kits.

Both versions cost 90 Euro

Kappa Venezia 21-22 Jerseys Cost 90 Euro For Adults & Youth

The new Kappa Venezia FC 21-22 home kit costs you 90 Euro. This is the usual price for Italian football kits - what is awkward is that the Youth version also costs 90 Euro.

There is no authentic / replica version of the Kappa Venezia 2021-22 kits - those that are offered in the shop are certainly the same worn by players.

Other teams are selling the Youth kits for much less than the Adults kits. For example, the replica Manchester United 21-22 kits are reduced by 17 GBP (77 GBP vs 60 GBP). Liverpool's costs you 15 GBP as Kids' version (70 vs 55 GBP). Bayern's kit costs you 20 Euro less for your child (90 / 70 Euro).

Bayern charges 90 / 70 EuroKappa-sponsored Aston Villa is selling Youth jerseys at a lower price - 57 GBP vs 45 GBP.

21-22 Kit Prices - Adults vs Youth

Aston Villa: 57 GBP (Adults) / 45 GBP (Kids)
Bayern: 90 EUR / 70 EUR
Liverpool: 70 GBP / 55 GBP
Manchester United: 77 GBP / 60 GBP
Venezia: 90 EUR / 90 EUR

There is no authentic / replica difference with the Kappa Venezia 2021-22 kitsWhat do think of Kappa x Venezia charging kids as much as adults? Comment below.