Venezia Wears Kits Without Club Crest - Here Is Why

Update: Venezia also wore their Kappa 2021-22 away kit and the goalkeeper jersey without the club crest on the chest. Serie A just allows "one club logo" on a football shirt - the Venezia text on the front is considered as a club logo.

Meanwhile, the shorts featured the Venezia FC crest.

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Update: In the first Serie A match against SSC Napoli, Venezia again wore their kit without their crest and the tri-color flag in the center top. This is because Serie A / Coppa Italia competition rules say that club logos cannot appear more than once on a football shirt.

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Venezia 21-22 Home Kit - Without Crest & Tricolor Flag In Serie A

Apparently, the 'Venezia' writing on the chest is registered as a logo, which means that the modified club crest on the left chest had to go.

When Venezia was back in Serie B this problem was often solved by having a sponsor instead of the club name on the chest. It is most likely that Venezia will now try to find a main sponsor as soon as possible.

However, in many Serie B games last season and also in the last Coppa Italia match played in 2019, they wore the Venezia lettering on the chest.

Original Story - Venezia Wore Kits Without Club Crest In Coppa Italia: Venezia beat Frosinone on penalties and thus reached the second round of the Italian Cup. What was really strange was that Venezia FC did not wear their crest on the shirt, as spotted by our follower @leosusini_design.

Venezia wore their stylish Kappa 21-22 home uniform without the crest on the left chest. While it sometimes but rarely happens that single player wear a kit without a crest, it is something that we have not seen in the past years in a big European competition.

Meanwhile, the shorts featured the Venezia FC Icon crest.

Apart from the missing crest, the Kappa Venezia 21-22 Coppa Italia jersey was as expected.

Do you know what the reason was for Venezia to have no logo on their kit? Comment below.