Which Is The Fake? Nike Dri-Fit ADV Liverpool 21-22 Real vs Counterfeit

Nike's 2021-2022 authentic football kits are not only high-end in terms of tech but also in prices. Now Liverpool FC fan and kit expert Kyle (@KB2X) posed a challenge for his followers.

Real vs Counterfeit vs Nike Liverpool 21-22 Dri-Fit ADV Kit

The real and counterfeit Nike LFC 21-22 away kits look identical at first glance. However, many things unmask the counterfeit product, but it is only possible on closer inspection.

Both shirts look identical at first glance

Our close-up comparison pictures show off what is wrong with the fake, and some other things like the cut are not right as well. The worst in terms of usability is likely the cut & material.

Errors Of Counterfeit Nike Liverpool FC 21-22 Dri-Fit ADV Jersey

  • Fakers make the fit of the shirt wrong. Real one doesn’t curve in at the sides.
  • Collar of counterfeit uneven
  • Border of the LFC logo & Swoosh is not centered
  • Vaporknit material has "fake" holes

KB2X interchanges the counterfeit and real jerseysWhat is very bad by @KB2X is that he interchanges the counterfeit and real jerseys on Twitter - two times the counterfeit is the first picture, and two times the counterfeit is the second picture.

Of course, it also remains to be seen how the counterfeit will look after getting in the washing machine a few times.

The pricing difference between authentic and counterfeit Nike jerseys is of course still questionable. Nike's authentic jersey retails at 105 GBP, while counterfeits can be purchased for around 25 GBP including postage.

It is the best thing to get authentic kits at the End of Season saleThe best thing to get an authentic Nike jersey for a reasonable price is at the End of Season sale or in outlets. Authentic Nike kits have been spotted for less than 30 USD in some outlets.

What do you think of this Nike Liverpool FC 2021-22 counterfeit? Would you have thought that fakes are as good? Comment below.